Sunday, October 22, 2006



We had another day of fun. Everyone slept in which was so good for Phillip. It's very rare for him to be off in the evenings and not have to go anywhere early the following morning. So after our family worship (which was SO good this morning about did a great job Dear!) we piddled around the house until after a late lunch. The temp. only got up to 37 today so we waited 'til the very warmest part of the day to get out and about. Today we decided on a place we'd already discovered, but it truly is one of those places you'd want to go back to again and again. It's not far from where we're staying either, making everything simple which is what we like. Like yesterday, Big Falls Park has a beautiful waterfall. Not as big and spectacular as the one at Willow River but fascinating just the same. There's just something about being out there. The water is beautiful, mesmerizing actually. We found a new trail up the river a bit and the kids decided they'd try to float something and follow it all the way to the falls; not an easy feat at this river because the bank is mostly steep hills and rocks. But, it was such a joy to watch them and, I have to admit, their parents were not just innocent bystanders. Once the Thinker had the idea he'd quickly found a log and was lugging it to the bank before I could get my camera out and fingers We used to worry about them falling in, but we're past that now. Everybody ought to experience icy cold legs and feet at least once in their lifetime, wouldn't you agree? Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday....but that's another story entirely. Anyway, it took another log to push the first log further out into the current sooo, they were able to watch two logs glide down the stream, over the falls and out into the river beyond. And a sense of accomplishment and joy welled up inside them.  



Big Falls Park

October 2006




Afterwards, Phillip took us down a few roads we'd had our eye on for a long time. I wish now we'd gone about three weeks ago because, as you can see, we missed the color in this otherwise breathtaking photo.



Love from Wisconsin~

Saturday, October 21, 2006

We decided to go exploring today over at Willow River State Park, very near St. Paul, Minnesota. It was a hard decision; we could've gone East for "closer to peak" color, or West for a beautiful waterfall. We decided on the waterfall. I'm so very glad we did. It was spectacular. Plus, I got to practice more with black and whites because it was a very grey day with most of the tress bare now. Makes for great b/w pictures in my opinion. We had a grand time. Even the heart-pounding, muscle-toning, incline to get down to (and back up) the falls was worth every gasping breath to see the beauty surrounding us.

Willow River State Park

Hudson, Wisconsin

October 2006