Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Back 10 Saga (con't)

Now, where was I?

Disappointed is a gross understatement when I learned Mr. G (the giant) had leased the Back 10 to his friends. It only made sense that he would offer the land to us as the only access is through our property. However, I can honestly say this was my selfish pride, in the end. After all, it was his land. - which just happened to be land locked behind my back yard, but nevertheless, he had every right to do whatever he wanted. When I later realized his friends were drug dealers it was even harder to allow Providence its way. The traffic went to and fro all night and all day; visitors only staying less than 5 minutes. One evening, we'd invited some dear friends for dinner and I decided, since the weather was so nice, we'd set the table outside on the back porch. It was truly delightful - until the backyard band started playing and our dinner was serenaded by an old man screaming a poor rendition of.... Lynard Skynard, I think it was. Another vivid memory is when a scantily clothed female came over screaming she was being beaten, her male "friend" following close behind. Now that was interesting. She was so high, I could hardly decipher her words. She needed a phone and a ride. Thankfully, my Mom & Phillip were both here that day so Mom took the kids inside and when Phillip heard the commotion, he came to rescue those poor souls from his wife's wrath for crossing the property line. Looking back, I'm sooo very thankful I didn't get shot that day.

God's amazing hand has covered me and my children through countless (lonely) nights here on the farm. Several nights I wondered if people were roaming the backyard/woods. The dogs would bark and I would sink deeper under the covers wondering if I really even knew how to load a gun. Phillip had taught me, and I knew Douglas knew but could we perform under pressure? New readers who do not know our family history should know that most of the time we've been here on the farm, my husband has traveled with his job. Many months, during this time period with these particular neighbors, I was alone. Hence the reason I say it was my battle to fight. Alone. God was completely faithful and it was I who changed, not my neighbors. I clung to the Lord and went toe to toe with the devil, himself. It wasn't pretty. Several times I allowed him to have the upper hand. Many times I cried out to the Lord, "Deliver me!!". So many times I felt I could not face another day. As I look back now, I can only praise the Lord for His steadfast faithfulness through those years. He had faith in me when I didn't.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


About a month ago, we succumbed to the pleading and joined NetFlix. The relief from late fees sold me, initially, and the ease of the whole process keeps me. We've already lost a return envelope but Douglas addressed the DVD in a plain envelope to California and, within a few days, we got a notification it had been received. We're getting the hang of calculating the timing so that we have a movie every Friday night, which is generally movie & pizza night around here. This weekend was our (mine & Phillip's) turn to pick so we chose The Blind Side as we occasionally have "date night" here at home. We've been too tired to watch it but that's the nice thing about NetFlix. We'll keep the movie until we do, which may be this evening. There are over 200 movies in our queue and they can be rearranged at any time.

Unfortunately, there's a downfall but it's not with NetFlix. We are surprised and a little naive, to be honest, to discover all the filth that falls under the PG13 rating. A friend put it bluntly, "what a joke!". I have to agree. We've asked the kids to remove all of the PG13 movies from the queue. When they have a request, Phillip and I will then review it ourselves on PluggedIn Online and possibly watch it first before it's approved for the family. Are we too strict? I don't think so. Everyone's family dynamic is different so I can only speak for my family but we have an eight year old watching our family night movies. What is appropriate for our teenagers isn't always appropriate for her. I just think it's wise to make better choices.

And, with NetFlix? There's definitely a plethora of great alternatives to paying for filth.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


"Momma, I can't wait til we see Heaven. I see houses, like a neighborhood, with gold streets. We won't ever cry; we'll be happy all the time. And, we'll be able to just ask God a question whenever we need to..."

Good Morning!

One of the things that hinders my writing is the design of the blog template itself. Silly, I know. I've been working on it for two days and still can't seem to be content. I'm settling on the wood planks for now, but I'm not satisfied with the color choices. Truth is, I like all sorts of designs. I love flowers, barns, art, fields, the sky, sunsets, oceans, mountains, and .......music. Where is the template that meshes all that together? Hopefully, eventually, it'll be a cozy place to display my heart. Until then, hang in here with me. Blog design has never been my strong suit. If I could afford it, I'd pay somebody to do it for me. I dislike it that much. I'm creative in other ways, I suppose.  

So, I'm trying to step back into writing. It's good therapy for me. Sorry, if you thought it was for you. ;)
My heart seems to overflow with emotion and, quite frankly, there's not enough ears (or time) around here to listen to all my thoughts. I'm usually on the listening side in my real life, anyway. Three creative kids have LOTS of thoughts and we allll want to express ourselves. All. the. time. I only hope the good Lord uses us for His glory; even with all our quirks.

What else? Our community (all of East Texas) lost a dear man of God, yesterday. He was a physician in Tyler, devoted husband, dedicated father, solid friend, and steadfast in his walk with his saviour, Jesus Christ. He was a true example of godliness. He is now sitting at the feet of Jesus, worshipping. Praising. We mourn his loss, but he has gained everything. In this we rejoice!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Live Today

We aren't promised tomorrow

Live every single moment.
Wherever you are, be ALL there.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Late Pears

I was talking with a friend several days ago about the difference between early pears and late pears. I had no idea there was such, so it forced me to go next door to check the fruit trees to which we've been given free reign. Lo and behold, the pear tree was loaded with, what I assume to be, late pears! I don't think they're ripe yet, most were pretty small, so I'm waiting til the weekend to go check them again.
Leave a comment if you've ever made pear butter. I'd like to collect some recipes.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Back 10 Saga

I'm not finished with the Back 10 Saga. It'll continue as I have time and the mood strikes. The month of July has been super busy and school begins in just a few days for my kiddos. Tomorrow would be ideal, but I'm not sure I can pull it off with any success.

It's hot on the farm. We're seeing 100 degree days now in East Texas. With all the trees in my neck of the woods, the humidity makes it just about unbearable to walk outside. I'm longing for cooler days, campfires, and yes, work outside.

It's time to get ready for church. God bless your day!