We have schooled our children "since birth" as the saying goes. Even before Sarah was born, we'd made the decision to homeschool and now we're delving into her Freshman year. Douglas is an 8th grader but eager to advance into high school classes at the moment his Principal allows. Laura is a 2nd grader who likes school, but would still rather play, preferably outside.

We homeschool for several reasons, all of which are personal and family-specific. First and foremost, we are Christian homeschoolers. We believe in a Biblical Worldview which simply means that every aspect of our lives is governed by our spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. Secondly,  we deliberately drew a line in the sand early on when it came to cultural, anti-God influences infiltrating our home. And more practically speaking, from our own experiences, we truly believe there's alot more than education going on in formal educational facilities.

As I develop this page, I'll share our journey as a Christian homeschooling family. Stay tuned....