Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Lord reminded me yesterday of how important it is to have a yielded heart toward our husbands. When he's away I am very much a take charge person and can run a tight ship if I'm so inclined. Well, I can be a drill sergent, let's just put it that way. To add to that, I have a plan ~ at least for the most part. However, in small ways, I see that when Phillip is here, his presence speaks so much louder than my barking orders. (we both have the spiritual gift of administration, BTW)

Anyway, regardless of my routine ~ how and what we eat for breakfast, when the children take breaks, how they go about their schoolwork, the degree of silliness/noise I tolerate........has to come to a yeilding when Phillip is home all week. There are nuances that take place when he's here that I don't want to pass up. Time spent outside ~ boy time with Douglas. Work: outside work, in which Douglas needs to be a part. Trips to the feed store, to get haircuts, checking trot lines, killing alligators (well, that was on Sunday...), clearing fence rows, weeding the garden, burning trash, trips to the salvage yard for old truck parts ~ you see what I mean? None of this involves book work.

All this to say, it's my heart's desire to be yeilded.

Not pushing through with my agenda.

Life it too short.

Hearts too precious.

Lord, thank you for teaching me to be yielded.

Have a blessed day in the Lord ~ Angela