Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Barn at Providence Farm

We realized there was enough lumber left from the previous owner of our newly purchased land, that we decided to embark on the buidling of a more suitable barn/shed. There was no blueprint to follow; it all came from Phillip's head and some of it evolved as we went. It has a dogrun design with a enclosed chicken coop on one side and a large stall on the other. I don't know if you can see from this picture but we designed the laying boxes in such a way that we are able to walk in the dogrun area, open the pull-down doors, and gather the eggs without having to actually enter the chicken coop. My plan is to manage about 100 chickens during the peak season. I've never had that many so, as always, it'll be a learning experience.

Here, Sarah is putting her detailed touch on the small chicken door. This allows the chickens to roam in and out of the coop during the day.

Eventually, the windows will have working shutters to keep the ladies (& and one gent) warmer in the winter. Too bad they're suffering through the coldest winter in years without them!

~ Blessings to you from Providence Farm ~