Friday, July 27, 2007

Sarah's First Cake

Sarah has been wanting to learn about cake decorating. So, during last week's grocery shopping trip, we bought a book about it. On the way home, I gave her an assignment. I asked her to begin researching cake decorating and find out what she would need to begin, including recipes, and make a detailed list. The entire past week, she's been searching books from the library and indeed made a list of necessary items to get started. So during our grocery shopping this week, we were able to get a few things on her list. When we got home, almost before I knew it, she was elbow deep in icing, tips, concentrated coloring paste, and decorator bags. Even Laura and Douglas got into the action. Below is her finished product.

It was yummy!

Disclaimer: Sarah has made a gazillion cakes in her short 11 years, and even decorated them with the store bought icings in the tubes,etc. Two years ago, she also had a "Christmas Cookie Decorating" birthday party; icing, bags, and tips included. However, THIS is her official "first cake" after a more serious concentrated effort on her part (not mine..) Some time in the coming week, she will also write a discriptive essay explaining how she did it. We will post it here.

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