Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Butterfly Thank-You

Before our dear friend, Stephanie, broke her ankle last week, she generously gave us a "weekend to remember" for our anniversary. After surprising the kids on Friday evening by picking them up in their jammies, they spent the weekend having all sorts of fun. Following a lunch at the "best McDonald's they've ever seen" (and they've seen their fair share, poor kids...) Miss Stephanie took them to the Butterfly Pavilion which included an opportunity to hold a tarantula. I don't think anybody volunteered but, nonetheless, they had a grand time watching the furry critter crawl over the tour guide's hand.

She's keeping a safe distance! LOL ~

The Butterfly Pavilion includes many other insects

They were not allowed to touch the butterflies, but one did land on Douglas' shirt.

Here, he is just pointing to one.

Butterflies love rotten fruit, but our daughter with the ultra-sensitive smeller wasn't impressed

Sarah wanted to make sure I saw these iridescent ones. Aren't they beautiful?

Thank you, Miss Stephanie, for a memory-making weekend.

We love you!

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