Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Day At St. Mary's Glacier

Despite the approaching storm, we decided to chance it and make the trek to St. Mary's Glacier. I scanned the radar and local forecast finding that it wasn't expected to hit the high country until later in the afternoon, and Denver this evening. So, we made lunches, packed our winter garb in a tote, and headed for the hills.

Upon arrival, I immediately noticed the rocky c-l-i-m-b and thought, "OH, 3/4 of a mile is pretty simple, this should be fun."


Three quarters of a mile uphill is quite a workout for this fluffy gal! But oh-so worth it. We didn't get a good view of the actual glacier because of the snow, but we could definitely see some of the ice. We opted not to hike up the glacier itself because it was pretty snowy from base to the top. With some pretty cold hands and wet feet already, we decided to hike at the base, around the lake, and headed back down.

As I write tonight, the wind is howling and the storm is approaching.

I hope the children wake up to snow.


This website has some really nice pictures of St. Mary's Glacier. Douglas said,
how, that's what it looks like without the snow..."

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