Monday, November 19, 2007

A Tag

I've been tagged again. This time by my friend at Doe Hill Homeschool. I should make a category for these things and call it "Boring Things About Angela"....One can't possibly think this is interesting, but here goes.....

* I HAVE to wear my tennis shoes during the day. ~ Can't stand to go barefoot around the house; I'm just not ready for the day without them.

* I have to have clean feet. ~ Like when we're camping, I cannot (!) get into the tent unless my feet are clean. Sorta the same way at home before I go to bed, but I have slippers. Ironically, I'm not a fanatic about clean floors. We live in the country and dirty floors are part of the territory.

* I HAVE to have my sunglasses when I'm outside or in the car. I guess maybe during my thyroid issues something happened to my eyes (long story) but outside light irritates me terribly.

* I reproof-read my posts for typos and grammatical errors several times/days after I've posted.

* There's a certain way I load the dishwasher. I load all the plates, glasses, flatware, etc., but if there's larger items they never go in with them...I wash them by hand.

* The backspace on my keyboard is a memorized key right along with the rest of them. I don't type it all out and then go back and edit. Very weird, I know, but if I see the mistake as I type it I cannot (!) let it go!!

* I have naturally cury hair that I straighten most of the time. I get tired of the big-fuzzy-ball look.

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