Monday, March 10, 2008

Mud, Baby Chicks, & Chocolate Cake

Well it's raining again. I won't mull over it, you can see from my last post what I think about it. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm thankful. It's so good for our garden, the flowers, "God's Creation" as I've always explained to the kids. It's just the m-u-d. Ug....Last Friday, I got ready to attend the second study of The Truth Project, went to town to get the kids a pizza and got stuck in my own driveway. Once I got to the pizza place, I discovered this plastic-shield-bumper type thing had cracked in half and I'd lost part of it somewhere along the way. Anyway it wasn't all that bad, I was able to get out myself, but the entire 17-1800 ft. of driveway (which BTW is mostly a pig trail) was a complete mud bog. Since I'd already seen the first 4-5 lessons of The Truth Project, I decided I'd just stay home. Yes, it was THAT bad. Phillip wouldn't come home until the wee hours of Saturday morning and I'd be stuck - literally and figuratively - walking home in the dark - and mud.


Saturday, while Phillip was sleeping, I decided to do something fun with the kids - get baby chicks. Though it may be a bit premature, as Phillip's promotion isn't official (thus having us home more on a consistent basis), we thought just a few would be easy to give away if the future held more traveling. Over the years we've truly enjoyed chicks and this time is absolutely no exception. I've realized that Laura probably doesn't remember much about having farm animals in the past so this is a real treat for her.

"No, we don't eat chocolate cake around here, why do you ask?"

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