Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fresh Air

Breathe deep the Word of God.
It, alone, is completely sufficient.


JenIG said...

I'm thankful for the book of Colossians, too. i was reading chapter 3 today... one of my all time favorites.
: )

JenIG said...

My husband went to church in Rockford, IL. He grew up in Marengo.
: )

Lorna said...

Did you ever just lay back and look up at the clouds as a child? I used to and look for shapes of things.


Letitia said...

Thanks for letting me know where you are. And, yes, I DO read your blog! LOL. Of course, the last month I've been doing good to read anyone's, but hopefully things are slowing down now.
Loved the poem you shared. It especially struck me for my oldest daughter, who has been searching for God's path for her for so long, and he just has her waiting. Not only that, her 2 dearest friends (one her sister) have moved away this year. I'm sharing it with both my older girls.