Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fresh Eggs

I don't know which is sweeter, the surprise of farm fresh eggs a bit earlier than we expected, or these precious little hands. We were thinking we'd get our first eggs by late September, but the kids found these in the manger where our goats sleep at night. Apparently, the hens have gotten in there during the day and have made a comfy-cozy nest. It's been a long time since we've had our own farm fresh eggs.


Michelle said...

aw, the hands are MUCH sweeter! What a sweet picture! Hope you enjoy your eggs!

Michelle said...

I was just looking at your blog list and saw that you visit the truewomanhood blog. Oh, I visit there too! Sometimes it gets kinda crazy! I've never commented though =P don't think I will, I get my feelings hurt to easy heehee!

Charley & Jessica said...

Oh how neat!! I agree that the hands are the most precious of the two, but that is just so exciting you guys can get your own fresh eggs! I wish we had chickens.

God bless you guys! :)

love jess

Cathy said...

Awesome. Our hens have stopped laying from last year and we are still waiting for our Pullets to get going. It will be nice to get a lot of eggs again...soon.