Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maximum Production

I don't remember exactly how many chicks we bought way back but, as of yesterday, the survivors are all producing. Yes, just seven. It's sad, but that's farm life. And get this, the last feed I bought was Scratch, not laying pellets. I dumped the Scratch in on top of what little pellets were left and we're nowhere near scraping the bottom of the barrel so the only "help" these eggs got was sunshine, bugs & grass. And, ...well, Scratch. The cost of a 25# bag of Scratch ($5.75) vs. Laying Pellets ($7.29) is $1.54. I'm hoping this is the norm. We'll see how today goes.

Meanwhile, the Cornish Rocks continue to grow. And Eat. Since I'm a newbie when it comes to meat birds, I'm watching their every move. They even sleep differently! They sleep with their necks stretched WAY out. I just thought my layers looked dead when they slept. These birds sleep all sprawled out. Probably because they're disproportioned and growing oh-so-very fast. Many times, we walk by and tap the tub with our boot just to make sure they're all still breathing. Phillip & Douglas are working on a new chicken tractor for them. I'll post their handiwork when they get it done. I can't wait to see it myself. They're making it out of cedar trees harvested right off the farm.


SimpleFolk said...

Those eggs are beautiful! You will simply love having farm raised chickens in your freezer. Please keep me posted about your adventures. :-)


Charley & Jessica said...

Oh! I SO wish we had chickens! I told my hubby the other day that I wanted chickens so that i could have my own eggs- and he laughed!! *sigh* I don't think he realized i was serious! lol

love jess

ps thanks for visiting my blog! :) You are right, it IS amazing up here.. but I actually really like Texas too! I lived in Plano as a kid.

lorna said...

The boys have chickens too and eggs are a great reward. LOL This was interesting to me so thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

oh, look at your eggs! Oh, that is just so neat. Ya know, I wish I could do it but I just can't. I tell David all the time that I want to have a bunch of land and raise our own animals and have a garden. He tells me I like the idea of doing it 'cause he knows I could never do it! I think it is amazing and I admire you and your sweet family!

Leah said...

Homegrown eggs are so pretty! We buy eggs from my friend and her eggs are all sorts of different colors and the yolk is always nice and dark. They're the best!