Thursday, October 09, 2008

Farm Work: The Burning

This is the kind of farm work nobody minds. Ever since we've had the timber cut we've been piling up the debris.. It looks like a war zone around here, at least around the house, so I've been doing a little as I can to clean it up. After alot of discussion Phillip finally taught me how to run the chainsaw. I've wanted to run that thing for years, but honestly it scares me. He does the big stuff and I do the little stuff. There's plenty for both of us. ~ So we had five large piles heaped up and, since the conditions were perfect, we burned one after we tended to the animals one evening. They consist of mostly pine so we had at least one heart-attack moment. It didn't take long for it to burn down and afterwards we "joined the evening"*.

It just doesn't get any better than this.

*joined the evening;
a term our Olders used when they were little when we would encourage them to head outside to ENJOY the evening. Now it's all we say.


Charley & Jessica said...

'joined the evening'... love it! :)

bon fires are so fun- especially after a day of hard work! :)


Michelle said...

I love bon fires! they are so much fun, especially on dark cool nights