Sunday, November 16, 2008

Believe a Lie?

This is a bit of an excerpt from Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

The Lie: "If I feel something, it must be true."
The Enemy wants us to believe that if we feel unloved, we are unloved. If we feel we can't cope with pressure, it must be true that we can't handle it. If we feel God has deserted us or that He has acted unjustly in a matter that concerns us, then perhaps He has let us down. If we feel our situation is hopeless, then there must be no hope. If we don't feel saved, then maybe we aren't. If we don't feel forgiven then we must not be.

The Truth: "The truth is that, due to our fallen condition, our feelings often have very little to do with reality. In many instances, feelings are simply not a reliable gauge of what is actually true. We have to constantly bring our minds and thoughts back to the Truth. The Truth is, God is good, whether I feel like He is good or not. The Truth is, God loves me, whether I feel loved or not. The Truth is, I am forgiven, whether I feel forgiven or not. The Truth is, God will never leave me or forsake me: He is with me all the time, even when I feel alone or forsaken."
"If we want to walk in freedom, we must realize that our emotions are not necessarily trustworthy and be willing to reject any feelings that are not consistent with the Truth."
I just love this book. It has ministered to me greatly during specific times in my life. The Lord God has proved faithful.
Blessing to you today ~ Angela


Leah said...

Wow. That's me. Always believing my feelings. I think I may need to get a copy of that book! Thanks for sharing on this!

Ruth said...

This is so true. It is a lie which many believe. It is hard for people to understand that their feelings can be wrong and leading them astray. We need to always remember to test things in the light of God's Word, including our feelings.