Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Weather

Good Thursday morning!
Since the Midwest plains area is getting hit with a blizzard today I thought I'd share what that might look like afterwards. This was taken on our way home from Montana last year. Some of you may remember that we drove south out of Billings on an ice/snow covered interstate. Pictured below isn't the interstate, but just a pretty spot I happened to capture along the way.

It's spitting rain here due to a cold front that's headed our way. I'm so excited! I love Autumn and the winter months and this year is going to be extra cozy. Some friends we've known for years bought us a wood stove off Craig's List! Phillip is going to be working on getting it in this evening and throughout the weekend. There's nothing like the warmth from a fire. We are so grateful.


Letitia said...

Isn't it crazy that it's already snowing in places? Since we've been in the 70's this week, it's hard to imagine. I sure pray that cold front doesn't bring tornados. My parents had one at their house in Nov. several years ago. Threelittleladies on homeschoolblogger posted pictures of all of their CO snow this week. Amazing.
I'm so sorry about your animals. It's so hard to lose them. We've never had cattle, but only close pets. She's right about the chickens, though. We had those for a while, and they do seem to fall in the fish category. LOL.
So glad your son is enjoying his bike. We don't have biking room, so my girls had a ball on them while we camped.
I'm so glad your cooking business is taking off!
Thanks for stopping by and checking in. James is starting to show some improvement. Marissa is still pretty yucky, too, but her fever wasn't as high this morning.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Oh Angela... What a beautiful scene! This weather here is unbearable because we are still in the high 70's. Unbearable because it should be cold this time of year.

Ruth said...

Hi! Angela,
How are you? How nice that your friends' bought you the woodstove. It does make a home so cozy in winter. We have ours running now since the high today is in the 40's.
Your contest below is cute. I will have to give it a try.
Stop by my blog at's a contest from Heidi on there and I would love for you to enter. Hope to hear from you.

JenIG said...

there is just nothing cozier than a woodstove. hooray for Fall!