Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frog Friend

Happy New Year Friends! January is marching on without me in some ways. I've had to take a blog break because life is just so incredibly full right now. We enjoyed our family Christmas out here on the farm. New Year's greeted us and we haven't looked back. Our co-op starts back up next Monday. Sometime soon I'll be in the thoes of ninth grade writing and grammar. Pray for me, will ya? There just aren't too many folks in the world who LOVE to write, and even less like grammar. :-)
We went out to cut firewood yesterday and Laura found this little fella. She wouldn't touch him, so I had the honors. We examined him and let him go.

So that's as close as an update I can get at this moment. We're on our way out the door as time is marching on. Oh, I said that, didn't I?

God bless your 2009!


Leah said...

That little critter looks like the ones we've found round here. Creepy little guys! I know I wouldn't want to touch one either! :)

Letitia said...

He's odd looking. Is it a frog? If so, Marissa would have had him up, bare hands, and begging to keep him. Her little pet frog died a couple of months ago, and she cried and cried.
My first 2 LOVED to write. That's all they wanted to do, and I let them do it as much as possible. One is now officially "a writer". The 3rd one does everything possible to avoid writing. Number 4, loves to get random books...the dictionary the Bible, the thesaurus... and copy things. She can't read any of it, but she loves to copy it. We'll see if it sticks.

SimpleFolk said...

Hi Angela!

No litte critter would dare show his face around here! It's been well below zero for the last few days. At one point, it was -19! Yikes! (Wind chills of -30!) Yes, I am ready to hop in the truck and head to TX. Are you ready for me? lol) Yesterday, it was actually around 20 I think and the boys said, "It's so WARM out there!" Can you just imagine what will happen once spring actually arrives? Oh my. Spring. We'll have much to do. I was daydreaming yesterday about it on my blog. Anyway, you were on my mind, so I wanted to pay you a visit. It sounds like you're all busy and life is good. :-)


Amy said...

how do I subscribe and follow your blogs?
Amy Wingfield

JenIG said...

he's cute!

Letitia said...

I hope you and your family are doing well. I miss seeing your updates.