Friday, March 13, 2009

Dogwood Bloom

Back in September, we had our property logged. That just means we sold the timber and a logging company came and cut down every tree they wanted and hauled it off to the lumber yard. In the process, there's a lot of damage to trees and bushes so we had to clearly mark specific places we didn't want demolished. I had an inkling that a certain clump of trees was something, just didn't know what. You'd think since I live in East Texas, I'd know what a Dogwood tree looks like, but I didn't. I just marked it because it looked like something.
Later, as a friend and I were walking the property, she identified the little clump. Needless to say I was delighted. It ends up that we have at least three Dogwood trees. I'm sure there's more if we could get through the debris. Phillip and I went walking last night and I checked on the Dogwoods....

I'm grateful the Lord is showing me His beauty in the midst of what is now an unsightly mess. It'll take years for us to get the place piled up and burned. What we really need is a bulldozer, but at this point we don't even own a tractor.

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