Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A walk in the park....

Occasionally, the farmer will forego his boots and actually put on a swim suit, t-shirt, and believe-it-or-not....tennis shoes. Labor Day was one of those days. It was one day we were not going to labor. Every single day is a labor day here at Providence Farm. We have to make ourselves leave it, if only for a few hours, a day, a weekend, so we can fill our reservoir. There is literally something to do every waking hour. Boredom simply isn't in our vocabulary.

Nothing thrills me more than interesting photography and usually the kids set the stage for me just by being themselves.



charlotte said...

Hey Ang!! This is a VERY cool idea ... I just noticed it. Im looking forward to hearing about Life on The Farm :) Craig told me about Phillip's visit - how he is so happy being a farmer and that you both see God's hand in it and that He continues to open doors for you ! I'm sorry about not being available the last time we were on facebook together .... I got a strange burst of people talking to me from high school. I never get online either ... so sorry about that. I think its because the 25 year reunion is this October and people are getting in contact with each other like crazy.... anyway, call me up sometime this week when you want to chat. It sounds like the farm keeps you plenty busy but if you get a chance, give me a ring. Or maybe we can connect this week on fb sometime in the evening. Looking forward to talking with you :)

Ruth said...

It's nice to take a break. How are you all doing? Thinking of you!!