Monday, May 24, 2010

The Back 10: The Beginning

There is a battle raging in the heavenly realm. Only those who live by the Spirit truly understand this biblical concept. My personal journey with this farm is spiritual but I'm not referring to some cosmic experience separate from the sovereign God of the Bible and the precepts found in scripture. It's difficult to express because there aren't mortal words for what the Spirit does within the human heart while conforming us into His likeness. There's something deep within us that is changed forever.

It was meant to be. We knew it. For about two years, two babies in tow, we'd traveled all over the country with Phillip's work. We were weary and ready to move forward with our original reason for leaving the Metroplex which was to build a house in the country. Phillip found the ad in the Thrifty Nickel and before we knew it we were proud land owners. We lived in town but planted a garden out here and came out to play almost everyday for months. Looking back now it was an overgrown mess, I don't think we even owned a lawn mower, but it was our little piece of Heaven. We had big plans.

We knew there were red flags from day one. A testy neighbor with a hostile redneck attitude met us at the fence one day feeling the need to fill us in on the neighborhood gossip and lay of the land, so to speak. Number one, he'd tried to buy our land but the seller wouldn't sell it to him; second, another neighbor had killed a fella; third, we needed to position our mobile home away from the fence line; and fourth, the easement was his 30 feet. At the time, he and his wife lived on the Back 10, along with his daughter and her family in a separate mobile home and the easement was the main access road to their property. Note to self and all of you reading: Never buy land with an easement. Just don't do it.

To be continued......

The Back 10

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