Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Land

As I was saying, we bought the original 24.5 acres 10 years ago. Topographically, our farm is set within the rolling hills of East Texas, southeast of Dallas. The land is filled with a mixture of hardwoods, pine, and cedar. Most folks say it's on a hill, but actually our driveway begins in a valley so it only appears that way. Once you've made it up the craggy pig-trail we call a driveway, the beauty emerges. It's my refuge.

Last year, we were also able to add the Back 10, which is like adding a square onto the end of a rectangle, bringing the total up to about 35 acres. If that weren't enough for my husband whose favorite quote is: "I don't want ALL the land, just the land that touches mine.", we also lease 16 acres to the east. The Back 10 comes with an incredible history and testimony of God's faithfulness to a couple of people who feel like they mostly stumble through life. Thankfully, that lands us on our knees. I'll be sharing the Back 10 story in a separate post, eventually. I've got to get my brain wrapped around expressing the magnitude of the testimony and, frankly, there aren't any mortal words. But, I'll try.

The land will teach you a thing or two about yourself if you're honest enough to admit it. I remember one time we called the vet out to check our pregnant cow and he asked, "are you here to take back the land?" I'll never forget it because in my mind, the land was, and still is, breaking me, not the other way around. It's a mighty force to be reckoned with and I'm not sure who wins in the end. There are discouraging setbacks, but rewarding triumphs and significant satisfaction, as well. In the beginning, I wanted everything all at once; farmhouse, garden....But it truly is more about the journey than the destination. I wouldn't be the person I am today without the hardships I've endured while taking back the land. I'm forever grateful it's taken me.

God's glory over the land

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