Friday, October 29, 2010


 It's ooey and it's gooey, it's slimy and it's sticky. And, it's absolutely Buckets-O-FUN!


"MOM, please say this is AWESOME with a hundred exclamation marks!" And you know what? It really is. - We received a free sampling of products from Buckets-O-Fun for our honest review and they certainly have pegged the name of the company. The ooey-gooey mass of yuckiness is definitely fun! The cost for your own Bucket-O-Fun starts at $16 for one pound and there's a variety of gooey-ness to choose from, for example:

When Snowy is added to water, it actually transforms into a snow-like substance. No kidding!

And Sticky is just that - sticky! It's be cleanest snot you'll ever play with. :-)

There's also Chunky, which transforms into ice cube-like pieces within 24 hours, and Saucy which forms an applesauce consistency within minutes. It's truly all very fun and I highly recommend these specific Buckets-O-Fun products for your next party or event.
It's yucky FUN! 

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