Monday, October 15, 2007

Never A Dull Moment(part 2)

As we headed West to Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the pouring rain, I thought I'd give my Mom a call. I noticed a missed call and after comparing it to the call Phillip had received a few minutes before, I realized that someone was calling from Nebraska. It could only mean one thing, our friends with whom we'd just parted, needed help. As it turned out, they needed gas but since the electricity was was out all over Kimball the gas pumps were not working, leaving them stranded. We turned around, found a gas can, filled it up and headed back to Kimball. On the way back, I had an idea. Wouldn't it be fun (not to mention less driving as it was 2 1/2 hrs. back to Denver in the stormy, pouring rain) to drive just 40 miles further East to Sidney (NE) and visit Cabela's the following day? By the time we made it back, I had phone in hand trying to make reservations in Sidney, home of Cabela's world headquarters. Using our hotel points, we found a (dry) place to stay, Phillip headed to Wal-Mart for a simple cheese & cracker dinner and we bedded down for the night with dreams of camouflage, tents, boots and guns dancing in our heads. Despite the fact that our little one threw up in the middle of the night, we toured Cabela's the next morning. I took a few pictures, we bought hats for the boys and a few other souvenirs then headed for Denver.

We may never pass this way again. I'm so thankful for detours.

Below are a few pictures of our day in Sidney.

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