Monday, November 05, 2007

Climbing Pike's Peak

Since Photobucket will only allow so many pics in one slideshow, I'm dividing up the trek in segments. This post is about the actual climb itself. It was thrilling, but scary is some spots. By the time you reach the top you're at 14,000+ ft. with only half the oxygen available at sea level. Phillip got a little light headed and I was pretty shaky, but I think that was more out of anxiety than altitude symptoms. Thankfully, Phillip was able to drive back down and all was well. The temp at the summit was 34* with a brisk wind. You'll see in the next post, titled "The Summit", the children aren't thrilled I wanted pictures.

As I reflected on the day, it finally hit me why there are NO GUARD RAILS (!) in most places. (I was surprised at this revelation at Rocky Mtn. National Park, too) ~ If there were guard rails, the public would have a false sense of security and probably travel too fast. Having NO guard rails forces us to be extra careful. PreT-T-y wise, I say.

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