Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Day Trip to Pike's Peak

We woke this morning with no real plan, but since this is our last weekend in Colorado we knew we wanted to do something we'd not done before, so with a lot of consideration (and a bit of hesitation on my part, to be honest), we decided on Pike's Peak. It's the most visited mountain in North America and second to Mt. Fuji (in Japan) as most visited in the world. I've downloaded lots of pictures and will be posting them in separate segments. Our first leg of the journey landed us at the entrance of Garden of the Gods. This was not part of the plan but, as some of you know, taking the scenic route is our forte.

Since I'm fairly picky about my pictures, I don't have many of Garden of the Gods because the sun was directly in front of me at some of the most interesting points. Just so you know, it looks exactly like the pictures you've seen. It's a 'park' of interesting rock formations. We didn't stay long. We knew the trek up Pike's Peak was going to be a long one. Just before the entrance to Pike's Peak Hwy. we stopped at Mildred's Cafe. It was a 50's sort of diner/cafe. The kids loved it because there was a jukebox! Very rarely have they ever seen one of those. The food was deeelicious!! Afterwards Laura and I walked next door to take a look at the big blue Elk.....

Stay tuned.

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