Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

While we were home the last few weeks, we unearthed the chicken tractor. Now, this is not your ordinary chicken tractor - just look around online and you'll see our's is a fair bit larger than those commonly displayed on farming/homesteading sites. Yes sir'ee we've got ourselves the Taj Mahal of chicken tractors - nothing's too good for our yard birds! Not even a riding lawn mower will move this thing. We hook it up to the back of the truck with a chain and drag it (s-l-o-w-l-y). I sure do miss our chickens - we had to give them all away before we began this traveling journey two years ago. But oh have we got some precious memories of our little ones caring for baby chicks, gathering eggs, dodging roosters, and catching/petting their favorites.

I finally resolved the issue with my pictures and got all 200 of them downloaded this evening. Because I like my blog to be in chronological order, I'll be posting various things from our time at home, then Thanksgiving, and lastly our Montana adventure.

Blessings from a Texan in snowy Montana ~

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