Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sarah's 12th Birthday

Our firstborn turned 12 yesterday. How can it be?? Wasn't it just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital? Oh, how I remember and cherish those days. The first few days were filled with such questions. Her APGAR score was low, she was not responding to a preliminary hearing test performed at the hospital, she was not latching on - and being the determined breastfeeding mother that I was, I didn't allow any other forms of feeding - so she lost weight rapidly. Additionally, she had a gaping hole in her heart and the doctors determined she had some sort of facial paralysis. Given an overall assessment the pediatrician thought it best to have her tested for Down's Syndrome. Eventually, we also discovered she has Duane's Syndrome (an eye condition where her eyes do not work together)

~ Whew ~ ...All that the first few days.....

And yet.....The Lord sustained us. It was one of the strongest times in the Lord for me.

...And just look at HIS beautiful creation!

His grace has been sufficient.

~ Happy Birthday Sarah ~

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