Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not my way...

"God has to destoy our determined confidence in our own convictions. "

(My Utmost for His Highest; January 29th, pg. 29)


Ouch. God has to destroy my determined confidence. Me? Determined? God has to destroy the confidence I have in my own convictions. ~groan~... Oh, there's so many things I want my way. How 'bout you? I think "if I could just change this or that" I'd be happier, more content. Things would be just right. Hmm...Sometimes it's sorta comical the games we play with the Almighty. I picture this little girl pressing the heel of a giant, wholeheartedly confident He can be moved. How easily I forget that the joy is in the journey. Many times, I'd rather fast-forward through the tough stuff and get to the Prize. ~groan~ But I know the Prize isn't as sweet unless we endure the journey with all its seemingly tumultuous terrain. I trust, someday we'll look back in awe at how the Lord's hand carried us all the way.

O Father, just for today, may we accept our portion with joy.

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