Monday, May 19, 2008

Berry Pickin'

I think we have a choice in the matter of memory making. As I take a quick scan of my own childhood, the joyful memories are sporadic, like specks of bright spots dotted on a dark matted canvas. Thankfully, those days are over and the memories of the last (almost) 17 years of marriage and motherhood has filled the dark spaces of my heart with unfathomable joy. The longer I live, I'm realizing more and more that time's awastin'. And alot of that time I've wasted - with worry, fret, doubt, fear, jealousy, anger......pride. And I still haven't arrived. I can only hope that I've done something different. Something more joyful. Something filled with love & ....g-r-a-c-e. I pray we've shown them the Hope that will sustain them in the midst of storms. And those storms do come.

So....memories. We have a choice in what they'll remember. Will it be your impatient attitude, your To-Do list, your busy schedule, your homeschool calender, your attitide about your husband and/or your troubled marriage, your haughty spirit, your jealousy, your pride? O friends, time's awastin. They'll be gone in a blink of an eye - G-O-N-E. Those of us with bigger ones know - I'm beginning to feel it on a consistent basis now. Time is fleeting.

After begging persistent asking, Laura finally got her wish. Saturday evening we piled in the flatbed and Phillip took us to the pasture next door to pick blackberries. It's been a tradition around here, but since we haven't been here in two years, Laura's berry pickin' experience has been way too short. She eats more than she saves but that's part of the fun. A few were big and plump. I wish now we'd made a contest out of it as to who could find the plumpest. Laura kept saying, "OH this one looks like a good one, I will see how it taste'es"

Here's the little cutie showing off one of her plump beauties.

Go make a memory - today

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