Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Around Our House

We got a second flock of chicks last weekend bringing the grand total to 22 including one guinea. Sometime in the Fall we'll have farm fresh eggs and I couldn't be more thrilled. Chickens are one of my favorite farm animals. There's just something about watching chickens that's very therapeutic for me. Several years ago, Phillip constructed a chicken tractor which now houses the first, older flock. They've finally learned how to get up on the roost at night and they're devouring the fresh grass out there. We move the tractor every few days which serves as a pasture-mower and green food for the birds.

We also got baby bunnies last week. The farm is growing right before our very eyes! Each child was allowed to pick their own. Sarah's bunny, Joey, is pictured below. She lovingly named her bunny after the friend we got it from whose name is Jo Lee. Jo Lee wanted her bunny to go to someone she knew and so hoped that one of us would pick hers. He's really pretty with nice markings.

God Bless You ~ Angela

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