Friday, June 27, 2008

Tales from a Tiny House

We were blessed with bunk beds yesterday! Yes, a friend gave us their old set. What a blessing. Before I knew Phillip would be able to pick them up last night, I'd already planned a day of adventure ripping up the carpet in the girl's room. It was a team effort and in the end, I think we made a memory. Brayden was tagged "city boy" because touching the carpet pad grossed him out, but that's okay - he's gotten my kids several times over with - "You don't know what [enter any kid-slang known to kids] means? C'mon!" or "Man, everybody's seen [enter any kid movie here]" It's all in love though. They've had a blast together. Today's his last day here. We'll be heading to Papa's tomorrow where he'll spend one last week before he heads home. Boy will he have some tales.

So, back to yesterday. Before we ripped the carpet up we had to move the girl's beds out, so what would any ultra-organized, compartmental, clean-freak Mom do? Throw it all in the living room. Who comes to visit anyway? As my brain beeped "DOES NOT COMPUTE" and my irritability escalated, the joy in my children bubbled over with the thought of actually sleeping in the living room - in their own beds! How cool is that? As the Lord and I chatted throughout the day, I was reminded of what joy can come in the small things. In my heart, I had a vision - to them chaos was C-O-O-L. It was a good day.

And since I'm on a Tiny House Tangent (of sorts), I'll take the time to share that it looks like our tiny house will be "home" for us indefinitely. We had hopes that our circumstances would improve with Phillip's latest promotion, however, in the end he decided to resign and no longer even works for the company. Without going into details that would totally bore you, I'll just say that his company was/is conducting business in a way that is not consistent with our business practices, code of conduct, and convictions. The last few weeks, as Phillip sought the Lord, his very soul was crying out. Thankfully, the very next week, Phillip began working with a friend he's known most of his life. The income will not cover our family's monthly expenses, but we're moving forward living out our Faith. Remember, it's dead unless we actually practice it.

Better is a little with righteousness, Than vast revenues without justice. Proverbs 16:8

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