Thursday, September 04, 2008

Counting the Cost

I don't know how many other 11 yo. boys read it, but the guys in my house sleep with visions of tractors, implements, hay, cattle, and 4WD trucks dancing in their heads every single Wednesday night. For they know the dawn will bring the newest edition of the blessed Thrifty Nickel.

For some time now, Douglas has been wanting something to "give himself to" - not his words, but we know what it looks like. He's the kind of guy who wants ownership. Responsibility. Leadership. When she was little, one of my younger sisters used to say, "I want to be the boss of something." This is Douglas. Oh sure he feeds the goats, and tends to an assortment of things pertaining to country life, but it's not his.

So last week, as he was scanning the cherished classifieds, he decided he wanted to buy a calf. I have to tell you, this was quite a decision because he'd been saving up all summer for a new bike. My ever-so-patient-and-great-with-kids husband knew this and challenged Douglas to count the cost. If he really wanted a calf he'd have to calculate the entire cost; fencing to shore up our dilapidated fence, milk replacer, hay, etc. He'd be the one to make the decision.

Well folks, I was completely blown away by the determination of my son. He made a few notes and called Tractor Supply. He and my husband went to the local dairy where they sell newborn bulls for pennies on the dollar. They "shopped". They prayed. They spent hours talking about it. Then one day, it happened. They drove up with a newborn calf. The very weekend of his purchase, there was an ad on our local homeschool loop for a really cool mountain bike at a garage sale price. I printed it for him to read, but it didn't take long for him to come back and say, "No...I'm buying a calf tomorrow."

And here they are....

He's for profit only. Douglas calculated all of his expenses and he's slated to profit about $300 next year when this one goes to the sale. As a result, he's Mr. No Name, though I call him Bucky and Laura calls him Fajita Beef. Even without a name, it's gonna be hard. We love him already. We're just that way.


Michelle said...

awww, how sweet! love that picture

heehee! Fajita Beef that's too cute!

Do you think in the end he will be able to sell him. oh, that would be so hard!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

You guys are doing such an amazing job raising your kids.

I would have such a terrible time letting him go next year, too. :(

Anonymous said...

How exciting for Douglas - I have ALWAYS been impressed with this fine, young Godly man you are raising! - Praise the Lord! - Enjoy, your blessing! - Charity

Letitia said...

How great and very mature. I love the picture. And the eggs. I miss having eggs, but our wooded hill was just too much for chickens to survive (and us to keep them). Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter. She's precious.

Karen said...

I just love coming here and seeing all the great pics you share.......Yay for Douglas.....Happy belated Birthday to Laura too!!!!! Loved the egg pics too....we get 4-5 dozen farm fresh eggs every week from a local place here in town....The "egg guy" let the kiddos come out and collect our eggs last week....They had a blast!!!
Have a great weekend~Karen

Letitia said...

Just wanted to say that, yes, you're right. Riding lessons are very expensive. We were blessed to have some money from my MIL that we could use for them. Plus, the day after we signed them up, James came in telling me that a company had lowered our bill for a year~for some reason offering us their introductory rate, even though we're already a customer. The amount we saved on the bill was the exact amount of the fall horseback riding lessons!!
I hope all of your learning experiences, the new calf, and your family are all blessed this week!

Michelle said...

Hi Angela!
Just stopping by to wish you a happy Wednesday!
Miss ya!

Bobbi said...

Hi Angela-
Just checking in to see how you weathered Ike...we didn't get anything here in NW Austin. (glad we don't still live in LaPorte...owned a house there for 12 yrs)
Hope you all are doing well.