Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do You Know Granny Miller?

Oh wow ~ I just stumbled upon Granny's blog. Have any of you been over there? She's a plethora of homesteading information. Since we bought 25 Cornish Rocks a few weeks ago, I've been paying closer attention to my homesteading bloggy friends and who they're linking. A girl can learn a fair bit reading the experiences of those who've gone before her. I appreciate them so much, especially the ones with pictures.

Granny and I have something in common. After all the clicking and reading, and reading and clicking, she made the most profound statement. I hope I never forget it...

"I often find myself online instead of living."

I am thankful for all this information at my fingertips. Truly I am. But, it's distracting. Oftentimes we clutter our minds with the "noise" that we hardly ever have time to enjoy living.
I will pray for Granny tonight. I know of which she speaks. I hope she takes all the time she needs.


SimpleFolk said...

I love Granny Miller. I found her through YouTube when I was looking for "do it yourself" homestead videos. (I want to get into cheesemaking.) Anyway, she does offer much food for thought and I enjoy visiting. (I LOVE her kitchen, have you seen it?)I agree with her statement and have been feeling that way myself. There is definitely a balance...


kymk99 said...

I will have to peek at her blog and then get off of the computer and get some reading done!

Yvonne :o)

mary grace said...

That quote is so convicting. Thanks for sharing it!

Michelle said...

love that quote, so true and so convicting!

I've not heard of her blog but will add it to my list of ones to look at.