Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Garden of the Gods

This is the entrance to Garden of the Gods with Pike's Peak in the background. What's really neat is I have a picture of Garden of the Gods from the top of Pike's Peak as well. Of course, Garden of the Gods is tiny in the picture, but it's incredible to see because all of Colorado Springs is spread out before you while you're standing there taking it all in. It's breathtaking; literally! Garden of the Gods was not all that exciting to us. And, from a photographers point of view, we were there at the complete wrong time of day. It reminded me of being at the Grand Canyon in the middle of the day. Not my choice for spectacular pictures. And too, I think if we'd gone with the intent to really stay and walk around, we would've had a different perspective but we drove down to Colorado Springs that day to climb Pike's Peak....which is exactly what we did.
~ whew...makes me loose my breath just thinking about it.

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Leah said...

We've been to Garden of the gods too. It was beautiful. I'd like to go back sometime. Colorado is one of my favorite places to visit! For both scenery and shopping! :)