Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh Reba....

I used to want to be like Reba. I'd sing every single song right along with her at the top of my (young) lungs and dream of the day I'd be on stage as her opening act. She was the inspiration behind the voice lessons I took at the local junior college. I'd play a song over and over just to get a lyric and the octave perfect. When she came to Tyler, Phillip and I went. Back in the day, it was most exciting. She was my hero.
That was several years ago and her sound is too twangy for me these days. Nevertheless, I've always admired her. She's always walked to her own drum beat and appreciate folks who have the courage to do so. But her latest comments about her twisted beliefs is most disappointing.

You can read it here on The Boot

I guess she could stand to loose a few fans and not be financially affected now.

Thanks for the memories, Reba.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - My heart is crushed...I just loved Reba...REINCARNATION, I don't even know what to say - except, I hope she finds her way back to the complete TRUTH and LIGHT - Jesus Christ. - Hope you and your sweet family are doing well - You have some great pictures and it looks like you've once again mades some INCREDIBLE memories. - Chare