Wednesday, March 25, 2009

At long last, Phillip now owns a tractor. It'll pay for itself in no time. He already has a side job mowing the neighbor's pasture. We've mowed our own pasture, and plowed more land for a bigger garden. For several years, Phillip has been researching agri-business, farmer's markets, and farming in general as a means to supplement our income. The Lord has found favor in his endeavors and continues to bless his efforts.

Not only that, it's our passion; something we both enjoy and want to do together as a family. I have put my cooking business to the side and putting my focus into the farm. It's what brings me the most joy. We are now searching for a few implements to make planting easier and more efficient, and a box blade to finally grate our driveway.

I think Phillip said our rows are 200 feet.
He'll plow and disc the rest of the land to the fence which is all the land to the left of this picture. Additionally, we lease the 16 acres to the east of us where we'll begin to cultivate and plant, as well. We've got about 20 acres of plantable land, total, if we really wanted to plant that much.


Ruth said...

Wow! Angela~

Praying all goes well with the farm. It looks great.

How are you? I miss you!!


Anonymous said...

What a blessing! - Love you friend and I'm soooo glad we can stay connected via FB, here when I check in and email - MISS YOU!!! ~ Chare

Leah said...

WoW! I would love to have that much land. I want to be a country irl so bad!!

Love the photos!

Letitia said...

How wonderful. I pray the Lord blesses your land, your labors, and the fruit.