Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saturday morning, we set out on a tractor quest. Phillip had been doing his homework for months and knew what he was looking for. He'd already looked at two, but wanted me to go with him so I could help make a decision. I'm always game for a ride, especially since I knew where we were going and I'd get some fabulous pictures along the way. Spring time in Texas is, by far, the prettiest of our seasons.

There's just something about the country that draws me in. I'm pretty sure it's the peacefulness and solitude I so deeply covet. I remember Phillip's Mom saying that being at the ranch in Llano "clears the cobwebs". It's really so true. Our lives are so cluttered with stuff that, honestly, has no meaning; especially no eternal meaning. I can't live off fluff for very long, truthfully. I'm just not wired that way.

Someday, I would LOVE to have a collection of barn photos and publish them.

Spring blessings from the country ~


Ruth said...

Love these pictures, my friend. I love the country, too.


Anonymous said...

Is this your land!? - I would love to see pictures of your homestead! - Chare