Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Back 10 Saga (con't)

Now, where was I?

Disappointed is a gross understatement when I learned Mr. G (the giant) had leased the Back 10 to his friends. It only made sense that he would offer the land to us as the only access is through our property. However, I can honestly say this was my selfish pride, in the end. After all, it was his land. - which just happened to be land locked behind my back yard, but nevertheless, he had every right to do whatever he wanted. When I later realized his friends were drug dealers it was even harder to allow Providence its way. The traffic went to and fro all night and all day; visitors only staying less than 5 minutes. One evening, we'd invited some dear friends for dinner and I decided, since the weather was so nice, we'd set the table outside on the back porch. It was truly delightful - until the backyard band started playing and our dinner was serenaded by an old man screaming a poor rendition of.... Lynard Skynard, I think it was. Another vivid memory is when a scantily clothed female came over screaming she was being beaten, her male "friend" following close behind. Now that was interesting. She was so high, I could hardly decipher her words. She needed a phone and a ride. Thankfully, my Mom & Phillip were both here that day so Mom took the kids inside and when Phillip heard the commotion, he came to rescue those poor souls from his wife's wrath for crossing the property line. Looking back, I'm sooo very thankful I didn't get shot that day.

God's amazing hand has covered me and my children through countless (lonely) nights here on the farm. Several nights I wondered if people were roaming the backyard/woods. The dogs would bark and I would sink deeper under the covers wondering if I really even knew how to load a gun. Phillip had taught me, and I knew Douglas knew but could we perform under pressure? New readers who do not know our family history should know that most of the time we've been here on the farm, my husband has traveled with his job. Many months, during this time period with these particular neighbors, I was alone. Hence the reason I say it was my battle to fight. Alone. God was completely faithful and it was I who changed, not my neighbors. I clung to the Lord and went toe to toe with the devil, himself. It wasn't pretty. Several times I allowed him to have the upper hand. Many times I cried out to the Lord, "Deliver me!!". So many times I felt I could not face another day. As I look back now, I can only praise the Lord for His steadfast faithfulness through those years. He had faith in me when I didn't.

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Marie said...

Just wanted you to know I discovered your blog last summer when you were on the Blog Walk. I told myself I was going to 'keep up' with you because I enjoyed your writing. But we had a busy summer and I lost track of ya. I thought about your testy neighbor a few times over the summer but never had time to look you up to see how it all ended. I decided to try to find you and I posted on the TOS forum and low and behold one of your crew mates read it and pointed me in the right direction. Amazing! So now I'm catching up to see how it all ended! If it has ended...