Monday, October 15, 2007

Never A Dull Moment (part I)

The one thing I hope & pray our children are learning through this traveling journey is flexibility. Life doesn't always ever turn out the way we plan it. And sometimes it can be SOO F-U-N!!

At least that's what I hope I'm teaching them.

Saturday morning, we headed out to meet our dear friends in Kimball, Nebraska. They will be moving to Kimball in just two short weeks (from Eastern Nebraska) because of a job change. The day was so interesting as we drove around town, following our friends as they hunted for a place to either buy or rent. After the house hunting we had lunch which was fun because I'm pretty sure we had Pizza Hut all to ourselves. Because both families are SO into farms, we then drove out to a place for sale just out of town. It had all sorts of out buildings, an old school bus, a couple of barns and a fantastic view of the rolling prairies dotted with cattle.

{enter dreamy sigh}


Because I'm such a shutter bug, I like to take pictures of .....just about anything! LOL

This is just a beautiful house in Kimball I wanted to capture.


Later that afternoon, we stopped in town at a local coffee shop. Again, we had the place to ourselves which is always so fun. We were delighted to find such a neat place in that size town. As we sipped and chatted, the rain began to pour. It was truly so cozy. Then the lights went out! ~ And they never came back on....not until hours later. Needless to say, the kids were thrilled and, as if nothing at all happened, we continued to sip our sweet caffeine and savor the time with our friends. In the dark.

Sadly, our time came to an end and we parted ways. They headed back East and we headed West.

Then we got a call....

Stay tuned for part 2 of "Never a dull moment" coming soon!!

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