Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday

* At long last, my son is old enough to sign up for theatrical sword fighting. He's been wanting to do this for about four years, but hasn't ever been old enough. As it turns out, they've lowered the enrollment age to 10 now (it was age 12 for the longest) so he's IN! He's beside himself. The added blessed surprise is that his grandparents offered to pay for the classes!

* My youngest sister will be getting married this weekend. She's been a single parent for about nine years. I am grateful the Lord put someone in her life that cherishes her and is committed to a forever-marriage. It won't be easy as the family will be a blended family with three children, but nothing in the last nine years has been easy either. It's been a blessing and privilege to watch her strength and fortitude. We will be heading to Arizona soon for the blessed event.

* Have you heard? My hubby works from H-O-M-E now? Hee-Hee...Alrighty, I know you know, but I'm just SO THANKFUL for this transition we're in. We're cramped in this tiny little house, and he'll still have to travel, but it's just oh-so-very-neato that we're h-e-r-e (!) at home, working together on all sorts of domestic stuff.


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